Our commitment
RSE is a center of excellence that supports its clients in the management of operational and business risks and in the sustainability of their operations and achievement of results.
We also act in the training of professionals who seek a professional and cultural differentiation in loss prevention and risk management.
    1. APP/APR

    2. HAZOP

    3. WHAT-IF

    4. BOWTIE

    5. HIRA

    6. Audit of safety barriers

    7. Area Classification

    8. LOPA Studies

    9. SIL/SIF Studies
  • Audits, Inspections and Analyses:

    1. Normative (NRs)
    2. Ordinances
    3. Environmental Agencies
    1. Management Diagnosis (PSM)

    2. PSM Audit

    3. PSM Implementation
    1. Reliability audits and inspections
    1. Coaching SSMA

    2. Coaching on PSM

    3. Coaching for High Performance Teams and Leaders
    1.     Emergency Management System;
    2.     Emergency Response Programs;
    3.     Contingency Plan (CP);
    4.     Risk Management Plan (RMP);
    5.     Diagnosis for issuing AVCB;
    6.     Emergency Plan (PE);
    7.     Accident Investigation;
    8.     Auditing of Life Critical Activities or Accidents.
    1. AVUL studies

    2. AQR studies
Executed Projects
Graduated students

Find your industrial segment

  • Mining

    Processes of extraction, elaboration and processing of minerals, including physical and chemical processes.
  • Sugar and Energy

    Branch of the sugar industry with energy generation as fuels, biomass and electricity. 

  • Paper And Cellulose

    Branch of paper manufacturing, plastic film, silk, varnish, among other chemicals. 
  • Oil and gas

    Exploration and production activities in soil, deep or shallow water.

  • Agroindustry

    Branch of industry from agriculture, livestock, aquaculture or forestry. 

  • Food

    Branch of manufacture of food and its derivatives.
  • Chemical

    The chemical industry is the sector that supplies the entire manufacturing industrial park. 

  • Naval and Port

    Segment with activities of operation, construction and/or maintenance in ports and shipyards. 
  • Industrial distributors

    Industrial branch of distribution and commercialization of a wide variety of fuels and chemical products. 
  • Petrochemical

    Branch of the organic chemistry industry using fossil natural resources as raw material.

  • Steelworks

    Branch of industry from the transformation of minerals into metals using physical chemistry. 
  • Engineering

    Supply of human capital for the execution of industrial services. 



Class Opening

It's time to meet RSE in our international inaugural class, with PSM masters members of CCPS, who will discuss for 2 hours the laws of the oil & gas and chemical and petrochemical segment, bringing all their experience to the table, a unique opportunity that only RSE guarantees to you!


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